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Grief is a river we all are learning to navigate.

I am with you whether the waters are calm or turbulent.

For children and teens, grief is often expressed through anger, silence, or tears. There are so many ways it can look. I invite your young one's interests into the room. Whether through expressive arts therapy, listening to angry or sad music, or just talking, I have many years of experience making space for even the most surly teen. My style is inviting yet not pushy and I have gotten good at meeting kids of all ages right where they're at!    

For adults, the grief work may involve work with music, poetry, meditation, and ceremony. Having been through some profound losses of my own, I know that sometimes you just need a place to talk, cry, and get grounded.

About Fruitful Journeying

Our Story

Fruitful Journeying means you see every circumstance in your life, even the most challenging, as an opportunity for growth and even for your greatest happiness. I am a licensed psychotherapist, parent coach, teacher, and Spiritual practitioner grounded in evidence-based work and current best practices in the fields of psychotherapy and shamanism. With over 25 years of experience as a psychotherapist and walking the path of my own inner work, I am here with practical tools and deep journeys to help you make the most meaning of what you experience in your life.


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