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Shamanic and Energetic Work

Compassionate, respectful, grounded in Celtic ancient wisdom and core shamanism

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

Shamanic Healing

Using techniques grounded in core shamanism from over 50,000 years of wisdom, I work for the highest good and your healing. Practices include clearing energetic blockages, extraction, etheric chord work, power animal retrieval, infusion of loving energies, and Soul retrieval. I start by talking with you about your question or concern. Then I do a journey on your behalf and connect with your guides. The guides will outline the appropriate treatment plan which I discuss with you. We work at  your pace and within any religous or Spiritual context you may be coming in with. 


Shamanic sessions are a springboard for a deepening relationship with Spirit, the Universe, or whatever you might call that which unifies us all. There are other practices that help with integration and guidance as you continue your journey in connecting with Divine Guidance. I am a certified oracle card reader which can be a powerful way to dialogue with Spirit. I also integrate breathing practices and meditation techniques. 

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House and Land Clearing

Sometimes energies get stuck or out of balance in a house, building, or on the surrounding land. I work with loving and powerful allies to help harmonize these energies for the highest good. 

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