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 Co-Parent Counseling
Creating harmony for you and your children.

Co-parent counseling and coaching provides you and the members of the parenting team to create a situation between houses that is "streamlined enough". It doesn't have to be perfect, just a situation where your child knows what to expect from house to house and certain key aspects of the child's life are similar enough to provide a foundation. As a child therapist with a background in mediation and over 25 years working with parents, I integrate a direct and neutral approach that focuses on where agreement can be found that meets the developmental and emotional needs of your child and allows you to experience peace as a parenting team. 

I am happy to work with the court system and provide documentation as necessary.

Working together and finding commonalities while honoring differences.

Image by Clay Banks

Creating coherence from what may feel messy and complex.

Image by SwapnIl Dwivedi

Bringing out everyone's parenting strengths.

Image by CDC

Working together to create a new collaborative family structure.

Image by Rajiv Perera
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